Sunday, December 21

Snow Pictures

Well, I was able to get a few pictures of our snow. I really don't like snow...I thought it was ok until living here. Growing up in the Rogue Valley, we would get maybe an inch and it would melt.

Thursday I guess we had record snowfall - that was when they closed work - with something like 27" in town during that day/night. We didn't get the additional snow they forecast over the weekend (THANK DOG), so this was taken Sunday evening to give you a clue of what we did far.

In this first photo is my yard waste can and the Subaru out on the street. Not sure if we will have a garbage man this week - they haven't gotten to the side streets yet and it was difficult getting out the 3 blocks to the main road even with the Explorer's 4 wheel drive. The front right fender is the only visible part of the car itself.
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This is the tree/bush out back. I didn't prune it this year because the dogs enjoy the shade and place to play under during the summer. Of course now it just looks totally wild with no flowers or leaves and clumps of snow stuck in it.

And the neighbor kids play/fort thing...funny thing is we haven't seen the kids out playing at ALL in the snow. Of course they are like 3 and 4 so that's probably an improvement as all summer they were outside starting at like 6am with no adult supervision. Let's not discuss what I think of the neighbor's parenting skills. But I'm shocked at the lack of snowmen.

The start of some lovely icicles.

These are the days I think I understand why the landlord goes to Phoenix every winter!


Kim said...

Still hasn't stopped here. We might have a foot when all is said and done. Mirage says she wants to come build doggie forts and tunnels in yours.

At least the neighbor children aren't driving their 4 wheelers thru your yard, wiping out the new trees that were just planted.

penni said...

So, Mandy, you and Henry could build a snowman?

C-Myste said...

Build snow cardigans please, and then blog them :-)

StubbyDog said...

You could build snow cardigans, or just borrow the white dog from Kim. :o)

I miss snow! You can bet that if we had some we'd all be outside for at least a little while. But seeing as how we haven't gotten more than a dusting in the 5 years we've lived here, I'm not crossing my fingers. LOL

Stay warm!

Traci said...

There's definitely something to be said for living in Phoenix right about now :) While it's pretty with all that white stuff, I'm not sure I could handle living in it.... I have no doubt the dogs would have fun in it, but I think Kota would never leave the house! ;-)
Stay warm and safe, and I look forward to seeing snow Cardigans :)