Thursday, December 25

I'm Dreaming of a (less) White Christmas

Snow Cardigan

There is a Subaru under there...somewhere...

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There it is!

DogTrail along the house. My cardigans are wimps about cold.

Notice the pristine clean backyard snow?

DogTrail #2 -

Over to the front fence to bark at the mailman. Every day. You would think they would get to know the mailman and stop barking. Nope...but he does call them by name by now as he makes his way along. Kind of cool having a guy who walks house to house and gets to know you...and your baddogs.

And now just a couple cool things outside...
Have a Safe and Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 21

Snow Pictures

Well, I was able to get a few pictures of our snow. I really don't like snow...I thought it was ok until living here. Growing up in the Rogue Valley, we would get maybe an inch and it would melt.

Thursday I guess we had record snowfall - that was when they closed work - with something like 27" in town during that day/night. We didn't get the additional snow they forecast over the weekend (THANK DOG), so this was taken Sunday evening to give you a clue of what we did far.

In this first photo is my yard waste can and the Subaru out on the street. Not sure if we will have a garbage man this week - they haven't gotten to the side streets yet and it was difficult getting out the 3 blocks to the main road even with the Explorer's 4 wheel drive. The front right fender is the only visible part of the car itself.
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This is the tree/bush out back. I didn't prune it this year because the dogs enjoy the shade and place to play under during the summer. Of course now it just looks totally wild with no flowers or leaves and clumps of snow stuck in it.

And the neighbor kids play/fort thing...funny thing is we haven't seen the kids out playing at ALL in the snow. Of course they are like 3 and 4 so that's probably an improvement as all summer they were outside starting at like 6am with no adult supervision. Let's not discuss what I think of the neighbor's parenting skills. But I'm shocked at the lack of snowmen.

The start of some lovely icicles.

These are the days I think I understand why the landlord goes to Phoenix every winter!

Thursday, December 18

Snow Day

So here in Spokane sometimes we get REAL snow. Not wimpysnow like at mom's house.

Yesterday when I went to work it was snowing, we had maybe an inch or 2 before that.

By the time I got off traffic was backed up the entire way home due to deep unplowed roads and accidents. Perspective - it took over an hour to get home 2-3 miles...

We have maybe 2 feet on the garbage can out front for the moment - I can't see the car color at all and the truck has enough on it that you wouldn't be able to see out. I wish I had a camera right now (my power supply burnt out in mine) is much deeper than Wally and Alice.

Our service center, which in 10 years has NEVER delayed or closed, did today! I got a text, email and auto call at 5:30 about a 2 hour delay and at 8 got notice of a closure. SO cool to have technology like that! So today I'm just going to catch up on more Alias (the current TV show rental) and play games and veg out

Tuesday, December 2

A new doctor...some light in the tunnel

So I met my new endocrinologist about a month ago. I really liked how positive she was. A good mix of bedside manner and honesty about what we need to do to work on my blood sugar and thyroid.

After a month of continuing my meds with a 25% up in thyroid (and I feel SOOOOO much more alive and with it!) and slight adjustment in insulin I met with the nurse today for an hour to discuss going on some newer immediate acting insulins. Long term goal is not only better control (I still get bouncy highs and lows) but possibly go on an insulin pump.

I have to say I was impressed and am excited (and nervous!) aboout the new regimen. It's a total change of what I've done for 16 years. Wow, I've been a diabetic for almost half my life and I still am mostly ok...guess old Dr Nasty doesn't know what she's talking about with her disabled in 5 years stuff...

I meet with a dietician next week and get a refresher on carb counting (rather than using an exchange program) as that tends to work better with immediate insulin. I'm also going to fax my blood sugars to the nurse weekly so I don't have to schedule as much time off work to go in and can consult via phone.

Next step (now that I'm feeling more perky) is to rejoin the gym and start going at lunchtime to work out. There is one right across the skywalk from work so I can easily fit a half hour workout in at lunch or go in before or after work. Maybe next year I'll be up for a weight loss challenge (or maybe a new year's resolution?)