Tuesday, May 26

Cd'A day 2

as of right now I am too sick to write much...it started with a headache at ring time which I figured was due to me not eating...we came home after and I got chilled and slept for 3 hours (right thru lunch)...ended with me jumping up and becoming multiple types of sick. As Keith and Jo have an awful virus and I am exhausted still I think it just hit me.

Today recap:

Pie RWD. (cussing about the 14 point mark). I don't think there is going to be an entry in Missoula, but I am debating driving over 1 day (there is 3 days there and 2 in Great Falls but I just can't afford the long weekend with Bandon coming up). If I don't do that then he goes to Bandon.

Clem -WB for a point. I'm not surprised after the dog classes, he picked the shorter backed dog and bitch, plus rumor had it that he is a pem person. The BoB dog was of a similar type.

Ok that's all for now.

Monday, May 25

Monday - Couer d'Alene 1

I am dead tired.

Serious - the neighbors partied last night. I think they are still at it. I always have insomnia problems, and last night went to sleep around 12:30, got up at 4. Ugh.

Just got home at 7:30ish. P.M.. Denise's Berner girl got a 5 point major and best puppy in breed, then won a large working group puppy....then BIS puppy - very nice puppies too including over a Golden that won at the specialty today. Big Grats Denise, Lexus earned it.

As for us it was a supported entry today. The smallest one that I have been too for our club - our typical Richland and Albany have more entries than some specialties.

I am happy to say Pie was BOW for 2 points, leaving 1 to go. We are at the jinx point. His tail was still somewhat happy (and he was convinced that everyone on the ground wants to help him...um....breed, thanks for the AI) but the tongue was in.

Clem was RWB today. She needs to grow up for a bit, both she and Pie actually have the 19 month uggs.

ok thats it for now, ttyl

Sunday, May 24

Sunday - Spokane

Nothing great today.

Pie was RWD, Clem was RWB.

Pie was a total ass with his tail today and his tongue was literally hanging out the side of his mouth like a huge flap of meat. He came right out of the ring and tried to mount his sister (who is not in heat) so I guess we know where his mind is at the moment.


Saturday, May 23

Star Trek

a MUST see....

I think even if you aren't a trekkie you might enjoy this movie. Of course H and I are the age that our parents watched it when we were little kids - I remember watching Trek before I grasped it (but I do remember enjoying it).

This movie is wonderfully done, I especially like the Heroes actor who plays Spock (btw I am a HUGE Heroes fan). And without giving it away they have left it open for many many sequels without them conflicting with the first movies or the series.

And I was a little worried that it would be hokey and just for the nostalgia factor.


Day 1 - Spokane show

Pilot - WD - 1 Point. He loved his tail in BoB and blew it.

Iris - won BBE and was RWB - Not bad for her first show!

Wally & Hannah - pissed because we didn't take them to the DOG SHOW and they really really wanted to go.

Preston was BoB and Ruby was BOS. WD/BoW was a black girl bred by Teddy McDowell - I think her name is Camelot's Devel Wears Prada. Different type than my dogs and the BoB/BoS but a cutie.

The rest of the day we get to relax, play WoW and may go see Star Trek :)