Saturday, August 30

The International Show

Pictures made at today's IABCA show. UPDATED!
I've never really been a fan of the whole national/international title thing - it's very confusing. We didn't have any breed competition, however the judges do write ups and score your dogs. Even without competition they don't have to give a set rank or placement. We did very well considering that none of the judges were corgi people. Herding was the most competitive and long lasting bunch with a literal ton of mini-aussies entered - they only can compete in this type of show as they are not AKC (more on what I think about them another time)

What a pretty girl. Clementine earned four SG-1 certificates in the 4 shows, which is the highest award that a puppy can earn. This means she can get both her national and international puppy titles! Not bad for a totally untrianed puppy.

In addition at show 4 she earned bred-by-exhibitor puppy group 1 - and overall puppy group 3. The groups were decent sized and we were the only 2 corgis (no pems) so I'm happy she got a little recognition. The write ups were wonderful. Not a single judge mentioned the head white. All of them mentioned her type, wonderful front, tail, and nice flowing movement from all directions. Note: she actually got better comments than Hannah the Slug from a couple of them! Not that Hannah was bad - but Clem was better!
Clem is a brindle version of her half-sister Hannah. Hannah herself earned four V-1/CACIB awards (top ranking for adults) and therefore qualifies for her International title.
She can now enter the Champion class and earn the National title
(you can earn either title first but have to apply for it before getting the other title on an adult).

I have to say that Keith and Jo were real troopers. Dog shows are confusing at best and they were there early and stayed all day both days. Poor Jo looked something like a tomato from the sun! They are wonderful dog owners and a real assett to our show community. And Keith says he's going to show Clem that I trained her!

Wednesday, August 27

Finally...and the community speaks....


This has affected everyone who lives here.

We all remember when Shasta and Dylan disappeared. And when she was found. People (including myself) still tear up when they hear or talk about it.

On one hand I am torn on the death penalty. Truly on the fence and my opinion can change. I like to look at say there is beauty in everything if you just look at it different, and the world is not simply black and white - everyone sees even the littlest thing a different way.

Ever watch "The Life of David Gale"?

On the other hand...there are some people who probably can't be redeemed.

Wednesday, August 20

Holy cow...been awhile

Ok, time to catch up. I've been without a computer half the summer and it's finally fixed (yeah! no more cell phone emails or stealing Henry's computer for WoW!)

In brief...

Hannah and Wally made dog seks today. That puts puppies at possibly 2 days after Jamie's wedding. This should be fun. I have secret hopes to leave her somewhere to have puppies as I can't have them in the rental (the owner doesn't know there are 4 dogs here at the moment, btw).

I have entered Hannah and Clem at an international show Labor Day weekend. Wally was too bald still, Pilot is too scrawny. But this will give Clem her shot to shine. As pups don't ever compete with adults I shouldn't have issues handling both.

Went to Denise's and saw Mountain Dog Babies. Managed to not steal one...very hard! They are darn cute. Did end up bringing home a cute black thing called "Kate" to babysit for a couple weeks (keeps Hannah company while she's in heat/keep's Pilot company while he can't play with his sister).

Still working at Travelers. Too much. Somehow still broke.

For those who missed I bought I newtome Explorer. Note: I hate fords. I was raised a chevy girl. Really. BUT I love this truck, and I loved my Winstar. I'm conflicted.

Ok, more on life and WoW later, just wanted to say I'm not dead yet. I promise to blog more because I am so bad at calling or responding to email when I have to play WoW in my spare time.

PS all cats still here, even the mean one.