Thursday, May 31

Woo Hoo!!!

For those who do or don't know - I've been applying for a pretty decent job since mid-APRIL. Not what I want to do with life but pays the bills plus full benefits. Multiple interviews (3 or 4), system testing, mock call testing, then the background BS...

FINALLY got notified that I am being offered a position AND the pay is about 3-4k more a year than they originally said! Not to mention full great benefits from day one, which I really need so I can eventually fix my thumb...luckily my typing doesn't take that thumb much :)

So I'm thrilled and I start on the 11th - had been thinking about camping that weekend but may wait now (the 9th is our 5-year anniversary)...

So here is the website - another insurance personal-care type job but I guess it's what I'm good at... funny as I am not a very nice person if you know me!

Now...once training of 3-4 months is done...I can go to dog shows again! Until training is over there is no days off but at least it's Monday thru Friday and the only show I have planned is local (Still wish I could go to Bandon...sigh...)

Wednesday, May 30

Jasmine, a Kimi daughter

from her first litter (aka the unfortunate cosmetic disaster litter). Jasmine had a kink/stubby tail and a half white face. Cute little gal tho...

You think YOU got topline problems? Kate is no longer allowed to complain.

I think her favorite thing is water

Natural herding dog!

Tuesday, May 29

Dogshow funny?

I don't remember where I found this but it's in my bookmarks. So I have an urge to share it. We really are ridiculous. Really.


Kate's gone. I slept all afternoon yesterday and am FINALLY feeling more human - I really didn't get to recover from nationals before the weekend. And this weekend was odd - stopping at a local show with nothing too exciting in the ring and nothing to show. Hannah, even bald, might have won - but who wants to show off a totally bald dog? I'd rather finish her in style. And she's putting on some weight again from her sick stint and looks pretty good.

Re: the sick stint...still no idea what it was. The vet didn't feel she was anemic at all and it was suggested that she may have been shocky from the chill bath I gave her coming back from the rings - especially as she had a fever. Right now I'm inclined to beleive that she was affected by the heat (my bad) after catching some dog-show bug and therefore had a compromised immune system and got sick easy and quick. Either way she seems better (whew) and we went to a new vet who seems nice and much cheaper than the corp vet clinic we were using. I like vets who listen to what I have to say (of course most pet owners don't come in with exact temps/dosages/etc to impress the vet so that may be why they listened!)

While I have found a few fleas since coming home it's only been a couple on Sushi when he got out in the backyard and the occasional one or two on the dogs. No infestation but I am super paraniod about it as Wally still looks like crap. For those who don't know - Wally has severe allergies and drops ALL his hair/gets hotspots/chews raw with only a single flea or two. Kate saw firsthand what I mean by baboon butt! I still need to get the backyard sprayed or something (not sure if it will help with the feral cats and now SQUIRRELS in our yards).

BTW Kate - the singing game works once Henry figured out that he has to use the right game system! (ie he was putting a PS2 game in the Xbox). Next time...

Sunday, May 13

Ready for a week on the road?

Ok, 7:30 AM and should go start another laundry load. Hopeful the the guy will finish cleaning the house while I'm gone so that Kate can visit...

I'm leaving today (Sunday) with Paula and we are driving as far as Tri-Cities or Boardman. Tomorrow will be mostly in Oregon, down to Northern California (maybe Mt Shasta City or Lake Shasta area). Hopefully if all goes as planned we will arrive Tuesday afternoon.

Hannah's bald (but at least the spot she chewed to skin has enough hair that it's not glaringly pink), I'm hopeful that my clothing fits and I screwed up my thumb again yesterday by jamming it BUT I'm very happy and excited. Get to see a couple peeps and talk dogs for a week!

If any ya'all need to reach me I'll have my cell and be checkin' email. Other than that stay safe and we'll miss you if you aren't there!