Sunday, May 13

Ready for a week on the road?

Ok, 7:30 AM and should go start another laundry load. Hopeful the the guy will finish cleaning the house while I'm gone so that Kate can visit...

I'm leaving today (Sunday) with Paula and we are driving as far as Tri-Cities or Boardman. Tomorrow will be mostly in Oregon, down to Northern California (maybe Mt Shasta City or Lake Shasta area). Hopefully if all goes as planned we will arrive Tuesday afternoon.

Hannah's bald (but at least the spot she chewed to skin has enough hair that it's not glaringly pink), I'm hopeful that my clothing fits and I screwed up my thumb again yesterday by jamming it BUT I'm very happy and excited. Get to see a couple peeps and talk dogs for a week!

If any ya'all need to reach me I'll have my cell and be checkin' email. Other than that stay safe and we'll miss you if you aren't there!

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