Tuesday, June 9

Random link from work


For realz....I don't know how I feel about it...

Tuesday, May 26

Cd'A day 2

as of right now I am too sick to write much...it started with a headache at ring time which I figured was due to me not eating...we came home after and I got chilled and slept for 3 hours (right thru lunch)...ended with me jumping up and becoming multiple types of sick. As Keith and Jo have an awful virus and I am exhausted still I think it just hit me.

Today recap:

Pie RWD. (cussing about the 14 point mark). I don't think there is going to be an entry in Missoula, but I am debating driving over 1 day (there is 3 days there and 2 in Great Falls but I just can't afford the long weekend with Bandon coming up). If I don't do that then he goes to Bandon.

Clem -WB for a point. I'm not surprised after the dog classes, he picked the shorter backed dog and bitch, plus rumor had it that he is a pem person. The BoB dog was of a similar type.

Ok that's all for now.