Wednesday, March 4


Ok...Rio dog gone - very nice dog but 5 is too many.

Also Pilot had his Pennhip done, still waiting on results. While there he had the screw removed from his elbow as it was backing out. He's fine - I can't wait to get the CD xray from Denise to post.

In further news...

My sugars and control have been so good on the new regimen that I can go on an insulin pump. I'm nervous but also excited - it will make a HUGE difference in my control and be especially great for shows (like Portland where we had to show at about lunch time most days, causing me to really screw up my schedule). Not to mention how much better I feel and how much nicer I am when I feel good (lol).

Anybody know (or have) an insulin pump? I'm looking for advise and recommendations. All the online literature is (of course) designed to make each manufacturer's meter glow. I'm debating between the One Touch Ping and the Minimed somethingorother. Right now I'm leaning towards the Ping because a pushy salesperson called me about the other one :) and it seems to have better features (Waterproof! Good in shower!). But when looking at an aproximatly $6000 machine I want to make a choice based on more fact than emotion.

Yes, I did say $6000. Ouch. That's more than my truck cost me.