Sunday, September 17

Back from horseshoes...

Some people trying to encourage me to stay in club, and saying that obviously nominations were screwed up. I feel petty, was more that I have no recognition and have done more this year than many people :)

Fall tournament was today so had to go to horseshoe party. Pretty DUMB. Oh well, food was good and somehow all the crazy catholics don't realize that I'm not one of them. And I looked supportive. Or something.

Sad news is that Evanne (Henry's sister) called and left a message...that told us right there it wasn't good. Grandma Katasse passed away today. She was in her high 90's. I don't have any other details as he's very snappish when upset and doesn't want to talk. Even when you aren't close (he was last up there about 20 years ago) it's a shocker. His dad died when he was 16 so other than his mother and grandma Bazil (who raised him) and a horde of aunts he doesn't have much family left. I think he's jealous of the fact I've known all my grandparents (and still have 3 alive along with 1 great).

Off again, head hurts.
Am I being childish?

Ok, I've been on the board of the NWCF for a couple years now. My position is up for re-election. The guy who headed the nominating commitee already made a small stink over the Kimi to Carbon breeding - luckily another person warned me so I had Megan lease her so I couldn't be sanctioned. Or whatever.

Not only was I asked if I wanted the position still (I said yes) I wasn't told when I wasn't nominated again. Instead they recommended someone from their group and area. When I did the nominations last year I was so careful NOT to nominate just from one area (we encompass 4 or more states) or clique of people. Guess I am more ethical there too. What's better is they didn't allow for any floor nominations by not announcing it to people who didn't go to the Montana meeting until this week. Floor nominations closed 2 months ago.

Then he makes a post about "talking" at the board meeting about CoE violations. And then I get a private email from his mentor (same person who already warned me) asking what I did about the breeding. I told her, and then told her that I plan to resign over all of this BS and bragged on Guppy. I hope he doesn't make an ass out of himself at Richland and say anything to Kim - Kim we love you and Guppy!

Of course my position on the merle/brindle thing is that we should be allowed to breed them. Duh. It's been open in the past and is PURELY a politics issue, NOT a genetic issue. Someone who has only had 2 litters, of brindles, and is less than 4 years in the breed total has NO right to tell me what to do. I just feel dumb because I nominated HIM for his current board position.

Oh well, I probably missed what I was venting. On the bright side I just colored my hair and maybe it's the fumes.

Friday, September 15

Ok, I love Happy Bunny. Immature and rude, just like me.

Weird Washington Laws - better known as "WHY would I live here?"

  • It is mandatory for a motorist with criminal intentions to stop at the city limits and notify the chief of police as he enters the town
  • All lollipops are banned
  • An old Washington law sent duelists to jail for 10 years (assuming I guess that they didn't loose the duel!)
  • In Auburn: Men who deflower virgins, regardless of age or marital status, may go to jail for 5 years.
  • In Seattle it's illegal to carry a concealed weapon over 6 feet in length
  • There is another law stating it's illegal to have sex with a virgin under ANY circumstances
  • It's illegal to sleep in an outhouse without the owner's permission
  • It's illegal to paint polka dots on the American flag
  • People may not buy a mattress on Sunday
  • In Seattle it's illegal to carry a fishbowl or aquarium onto a bus because the sound of sloshing water may disturb other passengers
  • In Spokane it's illegal to buy a TV on Sunday
  • You need a license to sell condoms
  • In Wilbur it's illegal to ride an ugly horse
  • Washington doesn't allow fake wrestling
  • When 2 trains come to an crossing, neither shall go until the other has passed

Ok, I know of many more but these all struck me tonight...

Thursday, September 14


I know I haven't been posting much. Just busy - I'm uptraining at work 3 days a week and on the phones 2 so my schedule changes back and forth. Plus waiting for Henry who works anywhere from 10-11 hours a day (so I'm ususally there either an hour and a half early or late). No time to do more than read.

I am sending info to go back to school thru the distance program (all I can do and work) to be a certified (AVMA) vet tech. Certification isn't required in WA or OR but with the long term idea of a better I LIKE learning. Should be a breeze the first quarter even with 17 credits as some classes I did before (intro to bio, Eng 101, CS 101 etc) but decided not worth the transfer trouble (still have to pay for the classes basically).

H's grandma Katasse is in the hospital. Not good but nothing we can do. Gads she's like 97 or 99 or something and not concious. We can't afford to fly to Juneau even if she goes. He seems to be handling it well BUT you never know with him! He's not especially close with that side of the family - he has an older half sister but his dad died when he was 13 in a logging accident - and I think he still is mad that they offered to fly us up there for a honeymoon and then changed their minds as they were all "too busy" and not one of them came to our wedding. (side note: I LIKED going to the coast and random no plans anyway!). (side note 2: Dad - this is WHY his sister called you looking for him)

So here I am at 2 in the morning, can't sleep anyway, figured I'd bitch for a few minutes to ya'all. Still waiting to see if they re-evaluate H's position name and pay at work (the wheels grind VERY slowly there!) but the local uppity ups are for it. Would be a signifigant raise for changing the title from "supervisor" to "manager" and not changing the workload - but then again his workload seems to be pretty big for what he makes. Now if only it included a parking pass...

BTW - from the Rum discussion - weird that I even like it. I keep thinking the pirate tune (yo ho h0 and a bottle of rum). Guess it mixes better than vodka and I'm somewhat out of the alcoholic seeming drinking to get drunk stage. I feel old!

On that note walked down to rite-aid from work with a teenytiny 19yo friend Sami and some lady in the crosswalk called me her MOTHER. She (and H) have gotten a great kick out of that and I'm thinking time for a facelift! I didn't start at 14. I swear!

Off again now that I've updated ya'all.

Saturday, September 2

I'm not a boozer!

Try Captain Morgan's Tattoo. It's good. Of course I love the Silver Label with pineapple juice but this dark is good with Orange juice (probably too strong for pineapple).

Was supposed to go hang out with Amanda and Mike tonight but just didn't feel like it so we will all BBQ tomorrow. Amanda is one of the QA's for my job (ie she scores my calls) in some kind of funny coincidence (she and Henry were friends in the QA department while he was there) and I got Mike a job at Guardian for awhile. He's got me a lead on another job that the employees like better so may look into that.

Interesting factiod - despite HATING my job I guess I have more 100% QA's than anybody else currently on the floor in the company. Good but not if I ever want OFF the phones, lol!

Tomorrow we are going to take the dogs to the "Pig Out In the Park", some big deal in Spokane, and walk them around. We all know how they hate people. Will get pix.

Wish I were at a dog show.