Saturday, September 2

I'm not a boozer!

Try Captain Morgan's Tattoo. It's good. Of course I love the Silver Label with pineapple juice but this dark is good with Orange juice (probably too strong for pineapple).

Was supposed to go hang out with Amanda and Mike tonight but just didn't feel like it so we will all BBQ tomorrow. Amanda is one of the QA's for my job (ie she scores my calls) in some kind of funny coincidence (she and Henry were friends in the QA department while he was there) and I got Mike a job at Guardian for awhile. He's got me a lead on another job that the employees like better so may look into that.

Interesting factiod - despite HATING my job I guess I have more 100% QA's than anybody else currently on the floor in the company. Good but not if I ever want OFF the phones, lol!

Tomorrow we are going to take the dogs to the "Pig Out In the Park", some big deal in Spokane, and walk them around. We all know how they hate people. Will get pix.

Wish I were at a dog show.


StubbyDog said...

I guess hating a job is no excuse to do poorly at it. I should try to remember that, LOL.

Traci said...

Yes Mandy inspired me... despite the fact that I hate my job (and would do anything not to have to go to work), I figured I'd might as well kick it's @$$ and be the best I can be. Still hate it tho, and actually invited my sick friend over to help GET ME SICK so I wouldn't have to go to work! how sad is that!
Mandy? How was the pig out in the park???

Guppy said...

Note to self: Rum cake, rum balls, and RUM for Mandy for Christmas...