Wednesday, August 20

Holy cow...been awhile

Ok, time to catch up. I've been without a computer half the summer and it's finally fixed (yeah! no more cell phone emails or stealing Henry's computer for WoW!)

In brief...

Hannah and Wally made dog seks today. That puts puppies at possibly 2 days after Jamie's wedding. This should be fun. I have secret hopes to leave her somewhere to have puppies as I can't have them in the rental (the owner doesn't know there are 4 dogs here at the moment, btw).

I have entered Hannah and Clem at an international show Labor Day weekend. Wally was too bald still, Pilot is too scrawny. But this will give Clem her shot to shine. As pups don't ever compete with adults I shouldn't have issues handling both.

Went to Denise's and saw Mountain Dog Babies. Managed to not steal one...very hard! They are darn cute. Did end up bringing home a cute black thing called "Kate" to babysit for a couple weeks (keeps Hannah company while she's in heat/keep's Pilot company while he can't play with his sister).

Still working at Travelers. Too much. Somehow still broke.

For those who missed I bought I newtome Explorer. Note: I hate fords. I was raised a chevy girl. Really. BUT I love this truck, and I loved my Winstar. I'm conflicted.

Ok, more on life and WoW later, just wanted to say I'm not dead yet. I promise to blog more because I am so bad at calling or responding to email when I have to play WoW in my spare time.

PS all cats still here, even the mean one.


dreameyce said...
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dreameyce said...

Nice to see you around again! :)

How's your poor abused back feeling? Hopefully much better than last time I saw you!

P.S. Excuse the typos in the last post... for some reason my spell check, and eyes aren't working! LOL

Digits said...

:0 Howdy :)
I seem to have carpal tunnel or blogger's elbow or WoW shoulder or SOMETHING that involves all three things cause my entire right arm is SO sore. Its severely limited my WoW time and I'm PISSED about it :)

StubbyDog said...

Man I just removed you from my blog roll because you NEVER update! :P Glad to see you back online.

starrynights said...

I keep dropping strong hints to the hubby about PUPPIES in October, but I think he's in denial...