Wednesday, August 27

Finally...and the community speaks....


This has affected everyone who lives here.

We all remember when Shasta and Dylan disappeared. And when she was found. People (including myself) still tear up when they hear or talk about it.

On one hand I am torn on the death penalty. Truly on the fence and my opinion can change. I like to look at say there is beauty in everything if you just look at it different, and the world is not simply black and white - everyone sees even the littlest thing a different way.

Ever watch "The Life of David Gale"?

On the other hand...there are some people who probably can't be redeemed.


C-Myste said...

It's a tough one. I too am opposed to the death penalty. For humans.

Perhaps we could argue the humanity of this beast.

Digits said...

I think they should just toss him in with general population.
He'd meet the ultimate judge really quick...