Sunday, May 24

Sunday - Spokane

Nothing great today.

Pie was RWD, Clem was RWB.

Pie was a total ass with his tail today and his tongue was literally hanging out the side of his mouth like a huge flap of meat. He came right out of the ring and tried to mount his sister (who is not in heat) so I guess we know where his mind is at the moment.



Tavs said...

LOL! Well, I guess he can't have his head in the game *all* weekend. "Mom, we got ribbons yesterday... now let's have fun!"

Traci said...

goony boy dogs and their silly flaps of meat... Chance does that all the time - even still! :) Gotta love the goony boys. Sorry there were no points today, tho :(

StubbyDog said...

Stoopid boys!