Thursday, December 25

I'm Dreaming of a (less) White Christmas

Snow Cardigan

There is a Subaru under there...somewhere...

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There it is!

DogTrail along the house. My cardigans are wimps about cold.

Notice the pristine clean backyard snow?

DogTrail #2 -

Over to the front fence to bark at the mailman. Every day. You would think they would get to know the mailman and stop barking. Nope...but he does call them by name by now as he makes his way along. Kind of cool having a guy who walks house to house and gets to know you...and your baddogs.

And now just a couple cool things outside...
Have a Safe and Merry Christmas!


C-Myste said...

Is my poor Alice baby ready to come home??

StubbyDog said...


Those icicles could kill somebody. :D

Elbeepem said...

If I was Alice, I'd certainly be ready to come home!

Here's hoping the snow stays "wimpy" long enough for the wimpy-weather lovers from California to make their way to southern Oregon in a few days!

Cool photos Mandy!

Jinnie said...


Look out for those icicles, they could kill someone

Tavs said...

Hey, there's a Corgi trail in your yard, just like mine! Cosmo manned up and blazed a tunnel for he and Bunny to travel through the snow. Ever the gentleman.