Thursday, December 18

Snow Day

So here in Spokane sometimes we get REAL snow. Not wimpysnow like at mom's house.

Yesterday when I went to work it was snowing, we had maybe an inch or 2 before that.

By the time I got off traffic was backed up the entire way home due to deep unplowed roads and accidents. Perspective - it took over an hour to get home 2-3 miles...

We have maybe 2 feet on the garbage can out front for the moment - I can't see the car color at all and the truck has enough on it that you wouldn't be able to see out. I wish I had a camera right now (my power supply burnt out in mine) is much deeper than Wally and Alice.

Our service center, which in 10 years has NEVER delayed or closed, did today! I got a text, email and auto call at 5:30 about a 2 hour delay and at 8 got notice of a closure. SO cool to have technology like that! So today I'm just going to catch up on more Alias (the current TV show rental) and play games and veg out


dreameyce said...

We're watching Alias too!! heehee I love netflix :)

Tavs said...

Awesome! We're having quite the snow event down here, too. Corgis are chest deep. Marcy flat refused to go out in it until I shoveled a path for her. Even then we had to have some words, some of which were me reminding her that she did live in Spokane.