Monday, February 12

Major #2

Banana Hannah picked up her 2nd major the last day in Portland. She also was reserve to Crystal another day. The other 2 days Cathy O's lovely little brindle girl Gabby got the major. I need to train my dog better!

And her rear could have been a little further back - she's not that strait in the stifle, but as she wanted to go see her friend Wally and was in full heat we are lucky she stood still this long.

Not much else to say - when getting up from this shot I slipped and dislocated my left thumb. It's still almost unusable - I possibly damaged a ligament. Nothing really to do but give time and it's in a splint/brace most of the time now. Can't open doors or bottles or grab things basically. Typical dumb move. Good thing it happened Monday as that is my leash hand.


CardiLover said...

Holy crap, Batman! A post!!! :)

Congratulations on the lovely Hannah win...she's a beauty!!!

Traci said...

I know huh! i almost posted the same thing! I hit back no sooner than I hit Mandy's blog because I knew there would be no update... but alas, she surprised me :) Despite Hannah Banana's rear not being QUITE stretched out enough, it's still a beautiful picture... one to be proud of, for sure :)
I do hope your thumb heals... is there nothing the dr. can do to help???

Dave said...

Dude I haven't been over here for a LONG while, and lo and behold..

Nice picture. Sorry about the thumb though! Those kinds of things can be so annoying to heal too. :-(