Wednesday, October 25


Ok, so I haven't been posting (as people keep reminding me!). Busy, busy girl. Quick synopsis:

1. Had job interview for group health. Don't know how it went. Felt "ok" about the interview part, not as good about the navigation on their computer part (ok I MAJORLY blew a couple questions I think but was starting to panic), very good about the part where I listened to a call and noted the important points (unless I over noted them, if that makes sense). I'm supposed to hear back Friday.

2. Have to judge fun match this weekend.

3. Took the Banana tracking. She did very well for her first time - of course I only ran 2 tracks about 10 yards each but she seems to be a natural. Gives me something to do.

4. Passed my first course with 100% on both sections. Still have to do the proctored exam but I'm not at all worried there.

5. The rest of the time I'm sitting at work waiting on Henry. Poor guy had to be there 11 hour days last week. This week too.

That's all, I'll try to get energy for more later!


Traci said...

oh my GOSH, MANDY wrote!!!! thanks for updating on your life! *some* people DO wonder about you, ya know ;-)

Good luck with your proctored exam and keep us posted about that interview :)

CardiLover said...

I'll second that! Though I appreciate that you care enough to look at what we're doing, too, and commenting on waves and gremlin puppies. :)

Miss ya! When you coming this way again?

StubbyDog said...

Have fun at the match! And good luck on the job front...and school.

CardiLover said...

If you were to post, I'd fall out of my chair. ;) I sadly check anyway. :)