Sunday, August 6

There's a lot to be said for being able to sit on the computer and play games all day. Mindless entertainment pretending to be a tough hunter-elf with a pet winged snake, killing all kinds of monsters and gathering treasure. I did nothing worthwhile with my day. Well, I did start a single load of laundry (sweatpants and towels, nothing I can actually wear!) and water half of the now-dead lawn. See? Nothing that needed to be done.

It was actually nice to not have to play responsible adult today. Henry called from San Antonio about an hour ago to let me know he landed safe (isn't flying STILL safer than driving? And he's gone ALL WEEK!!!). I didn't really chat with him much - lol I should feel bad but usually he is playing the game! Now I'm going to let all 3 dogs (Ba-ba-ganush, Banana and pembroke) lay on the bed with me while I curl up with a good book. Ahhh. Silence and nothing to do. Well, lots to do but Banana only cares about her dinner so I'm taking a break today.

I figured out I am something like 217 dog years old. Pretty cool.

And I am just counting down until next week anyway. Most of the time I feel so isolated here in Spokane with all my peeps so far away. It looks like we may be here a while though because of H's job. I'm not happy about that even a little bit. So I'm looking at houses to get an idea of what to do if we are staying. I can't take city life much longer - I'd prefer to live out just a little. Even out in Deer Park or Cheney and commuting would be better than living 20 feet from houses on either side (and having to constantly keep the dogs quiet).

Now I've started. Have to admit blog skills are very rusty. I used to write every day and something (life?) just started getting in the way. But somewhere I lost touch with myself and this is probably how I can start focusing on getting it back. Or something.

BTW - applesauce is NOT good all over inside of purse. Note to self: do not put applesause cup in purse loose and nailfile in purse loose.

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Kate said...

Hooray, you're a blogger!

GoGo send's congrats and love to Gramma Mandy.

Also, neither is cough syrup. (On the inside of the purse.) I recently learned this. Neither is it good on all of your cash monies.