Wednesday, August 9

Bugs are cool
I got out of the car after work and there was an honest to dog praying mantis that I almost stepped on. I don't know that I've ever seen a PM before. Really - after this many dog years you would think that I wouldn't want to catch and play with bugs and creepy crawly things...
So I let him crawl up my arm and he's ran all over my shirt. No bug turds yet. He's still with me watching but I probably should let him go. If H hadn't taken the camera with him to SA I'd take a picture. I'd post it too if I knew how this thing worked.

Another day at work. I REALLY need to decide what to do with my life! I made 4 word searches today for the other reps to do - all dental related. Talk about a depressingly boring job. The high point of my day was getting another perfect QA score (I rock but doesn't hurt that the QA is a friend either). Low point was about cussing out dental assistant who was apparently not native (how can I say this nicely without sounding prejudical and bigoted?) and recently relocated to California from elsewhere (Asia).

Me: Can I have the Dr's Tax Identification Number Please?
her: You mean Tax ID?
Me: yes, the tax id or identification number
Her:Doctor's tax identification?
Me: Yes, the number so I can verify your identification
Her: You want the Tax Id?

Me:There is a $1500 calander year maximum
Her: What is the maximum
Me:$1500, per calander year
Her:Oh $1500. Is that a calander year maximum?
Me: Yes, it's a calander year.
Her:What is your calander year?

Sigh. 15 minutes of that was about to kill me.

I'm good at my job. I just hate it. I guess that *is* part of being grown up. At least my supervisor adores me.

Ok, I did buy a good TV dinner (marie calander year's) but I think I need frozen strawberry waffles. That's comfort food, right?

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