Tuesday, August 22

Here Kitty kitty kitty

I got me a new cat. Why? Because I like the comfort of cats, Wally likes cats, Hannah *thinks* she might like cats. H, of course, is still upset about the last cat dying.

Now trying to remember how to add pictures...there we go! (no, I didn't take them - they came with said cat)

Her name be "Callie" which is entirely mundane and boring for a calico cat. She's very unique looking and sheds copious amounts of hair. She's also one of the friendliest cats ever. Good for when I decide to become single and a crazy cat-dog-lady (lol). Got her from the dauschund rescue group here, and will keep in touch as the lady breeds lovely Morgans.

For other news I guess I got client monitored today and am "the bomb" to listen to on the phone. Fun. I STILL hate my job but at least I'm good at it. Seriously thinking of going back to school as a vet tech or something. Still make shit for money but the potential rewards are so much better.

more later as thoughts permit.


Traci said...

That's one pretty kittie Mandy! I would get a cat if I could get a pretty one that had the best personality ever...
Congrats on the new addition :)

Baledwr said...

Well, despite seeing her play with the dauchunds at the lady's place Callie isn't wild about my dogs! Giving it time. Dogs are enjoying new "jerky" box. Ick.

Guppy said...

We got a box that has the opening in the top, works great unless they are an 'voluptuous' kitty.