Tuesday, August 22

Good day for getting up early...

Why on earth am I so excited??? I just got offered to start earlier (only an hour but that means I miss the quiet end of the day). Guess I'm nuts. Of course at Guardian I started at 5a.m. so this will still seem late.

However that makes me happy that they recognize I'm good at what I do and quick.

And today was FREE DRINKS at Dutch Bros for all Delta Dental reps. Now Dutch Bros is from Medford so I was so psyched when it opened here finally. Homesick still? Or something. One day I will wrap my mind around the idea that I live here. But it was good and I had 2 of the bestest ever Strawberry smoothies and a steamer. I'm in my 30's and still don't drink coffee.

Off to WOW.

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