Monday, April 20

Our less exciting-but-still-good weekend

Lewiston, Idaho...

This year the weather was very nice (70-85 degrees) - better than the snow last year! The entry was DISMAL as everyone went to nationals. 1-2-1-0...

Happily Wally is looking great right now (to the point where Dany Canino commented on his lovely coat) and was BOB all 4 days. Groups were tough for a little show, with the little dogs getting NO love at all. He looked wonderful and was (for Wally) flying.

Clem picked up 2 points and no judges made a huge issue of her half mask. She's a very happy dog to show and I should have some good pictures to post of her in a bit.

Caleb picked up a point today...I decided to take him back in when Clem didn't go WB today and he got the crossover point. He tries so hard but I think for now he needs to do something else with his dad, until we convince him he LIKES to show. Basically with Keith he drug around the ring and stood there like a lump of playdoh.

I judged the Sporting and Hound Puppy groups on Friday and BBE groups on Saturday. Lets just say that the puppy groups were depressing for me.

A very well known handler got dumped by me with a breed I have handled and know. A coursing breed needs to be able to drive off the rear. Or maybe I am crazy. Anyway he tried to verbally intimidate me with the "this will be a BIS bitch". Ok but she was cow-hopping every third step on one rear leg...not enough that I could call her lame....just enough that her rear movement was off and I wouldn't use her! That left me with a very bad feeling in my mouth about judging, and I am not one who typically thinks it is political.

On the bright side there was a lovely red & white setter puppy who I found out is the first west coast CH in the breed...I saw her in Portland and even though I didn't know it was the same bitch remember liking her at that time.

Also saw a VERY nice BBE beagle. I found out he was 7 months with multiple major and specialty reserves, BOBs and real group placements - looks like he has an exciting career ahead of him.

The BBE groups were very tough to judge. Not sure I'm cut out for it as someone always leaves dissappointed!

Ok pics and more later...


Joanna said...

Go Clem! She's lovely.

Love the Irish R&W Setters. Sorry for the nasty handler. If his bitch DOES end up with a BIS, shame on that judge and it reflects well on you.

Alden said...

Great news, I just got Dunc's test results:

He's a carrier, but NOT affected. Thank God!

Great job on judging!!

Hope you are well.



Tavs said...

Congratulations on the points!

Since when are you judging? Good for you for judging the dog on its merits and NOT by who was at the other end of the leash. Showing gets political, and you will probably piss someone off every time no matter what you do, so you pretty much just have to look at the dogs and ignore all else, then you know you've done right at the end of the day regardless of who gives you crap.