Tuesday, April 28

Iris Puppy

Here is our Iris, 3 days shy of 6 months.

Her nose isn't quite as dark as I would like, but I think it will be acceptable most of the time.

Please forgive her, these were natural and unposed and she was looking around at all the people and dogs at the dog show.

Her Daddy liked this one. I liked playing with Picassa.

Oh Look! Dogs!
Everyone she met was greeting by puppy jumping in face or trying to crawl up leg into arms. She's quite outgoing at this point.

She's very sweet like both parents, but has the Wallydog energy. In body and head she is much more like Hannah.

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C-Myste said...

Topline looks great for her age. I guess that all other things being equal some judges would fault her for not having darker eye rims. But how often are all other things equal?

Nose looks black in these pictures.

penni said...

I like the ways she's put together and her color looks very acceptable at this age. Good catch!

dreameyce said...

I'm still in love with her, she looks wonderful! She could still darken up, and even if not, most lights she'll still look black-based. She's a dark enough 'red', she looks acceptable.

Her head, and expression slay me! I knew she was a keeper the day she was born, and DANG, is she CUTE!

Tavs said...

She's beautiful, and has a sweet expression in her eyes.

starrynights said...

Ha ha! As I was pottying the dogs tonight and watching Greta frolic with Sid and Lacey, I was thinking to myself, "I wonder how Iris is doing?" And then tonight I check you blog and TA DA! Here she is. :-)

Guess all the discussion of pinks on Showcardi got me thinking about her.

She looks lovely! She's filled in a lot since I last saw her. Her topline is beautiful. I wish Greta's were that good...

Sounds like Iris has the same happy outgoing personality that Greta has. She's never met a dog or person that she didn't like!

What's her first show?

Spons7 said...

Captain sends his love and can't wait to show. First show on the 9th and 10th. 9th has a Best Puppy in Show so we are crossing our fingers. He is doing well in conformation class. Plus our weekend has enough entries for either a 3 or 4 point major. Guess I am being too optimistic but I love it. We love Iris!

Baledwr said...

Always be optimistic - go in there assuming you will win :) Attitude is everything.

Iris's first shows are Memorial day weekend.

And Megan, don't stress the topline. Iris has an outstanding one for her age but that is what grooming products are for. I wish she had the head, bone and tailset of Gretta! None of them are perfect, for sure...but this is why we kept both, right?