Thursday, November 13

Yeah, Wrath of the Lich King! Finally something to amuse myself!

(for those who don't know, this is the newest expansion in World of Warcraft).

I've been "dinking" around in-game with 3 level 70's (I never play the 4th) and quit my top ranked (in the top 100 worldwide) raiding guild because there isn't anything left and I do want to have a "little" life...but now I'm probably going to be totally involved again until all my toons are 80.

For those who DO play and ever want to talk in game I'm on Moonrunner and alliance...Kumalie, Taralen and Sariareyn are the toons I am on most :)


C-Myste said...

Uh. Ok.

And then I hear an article on the radio (now TWO NPR stations to choose from on XM!) about how many people are taking a vacation day today because of a new game coming out today.

StubbyDog said...

I haven't gotten it yet! I'm going to try to pick it up today. I want a Death Knight like everyone else. :D

I was thinking of making a new toon since several of mine were deleted during the stupid account investigation several months ago. Maybe I'll try your server.

Tavs said...

My cousin told me he couldn't come help me finish my baseboards because that game was coming out and he had set aside the entire weekend as special "me time" so he could play his game.

Mandy, you're geeky. It's cute, though. You gamer, you.

Ariel said...

I really miss playing- After this stupid custody trial is done in January and after tax season I'm totally taking it up again! Highest I got was level 30 though....