Thursday, September 18

I Hate Doctors - don't read if you like them...just a rant.

I just need to rant for a second...

I've been working a lot lately. OT is over now for processing changes (new trainees are doing it now) which hurts the paycheck, but I can finally take time for appointments and such.

And I've been very good attendance wise - when I broke my back I missed 2 days, and I've taken scheduled days almost every days since.

So I finally take time to go to the Dr today. Mind you I've been working long days this week so I could take a day off early and not get docked for missing time or have to use PTO.

Along with this I didn't particularly get along with this Dr when I saw her bedside manner at all...but of my other PPO plan providers the soonest I could get in for a new patient appointment to establish a relationship was late November. I'm now eligible for intermittent FMLA for my dr appointments, etc. She would just have to sign some paperwork stating when she first saw me for my chronic medical issue and that it was episodic/non curable/etc...diabetes is specifically on the list of conditions.

WELL....don't you know that signing something stating I have diabetes is bad medicine?

Because I haven't seen her in 10 months or had blood work since then she wouldn't even certify or LOOK at the papers to say I have diabetes. I'm not asking for specific waived absences or a dr's note. I'm asking her to just say (in case) that yes I have this condition. To certify that would give me more flexibility for appointments. Jeeezuz christ. How many jobs give intermittent FMLA? If she signs the papers I have a much easier time to go to appointments and lab tests (done by an outside lab so takes a second appointment) and just be case...

I worried this would be a problem - this was the same woman who told me she didn't like mail order pharmacies so wouldn't fax prescriptions to Express Scripts - making me pay about $10-20 more per perscription because I have a mail order only plan so for maintenance meds (aka Insulin, synthroid, etc)

Instead I got a lecture about needing to be under care and good control (DUH) and that if I wasn't very lucky I'd be disabled within 5 years. Gee Thanks. I've lived with type 1 diabetes and thyroid disease over half my life now. I know the issues. I know the long term health conditions and the kidney damage (last test was less than 50% kidney function). I've had this longer than this gal has been a doctor I'm sure. And as my (much nicer) Oregon dr used to say I obviously knew about my disease and as long as I was doing ok he wasn't going to mess with my care. Also I haven't had an episode where I needed to go to the hospital in over 10 years. (unless you count the kidney infection)

Ok I'm ranting. I know I should test more, I know I should work out, I should do more to be pro-active. I actually eat pretty good most of the time these days but I'm not loosing weight (well do ya think if I had a new thyroid prescription it would help, dr bitchy?)

So she will look at the papers (which have to be in next week) if I get monthly blood work with numbers that she likes, come in for a pap (which has NOTHING to do with my diabetes) and meet with her monthly and get 2 bloodworks done in a row with improvement in between (this said without even looking to see if it's really off).
However, she she finally gave me a referral to the endocrinologist - that she was supposed to do LAST year. Maybe I'd respect a specialist more than a family doctor who doesn't beleive in mail order pharmacies. So why if I see a specialist would I need to get more bloodwork for her?

How is it bad medicine to certify I have a chronic, incurable disease?

How is it good medicine to try to upset me by saying "all this will happen within 5 years".


Oh, just an interesting point - I first saw her last year because my feet and legs were swelling painfully (edema a typical side effect) - and I've improved enough since then that it's only a very occasional problem now. Must be doing something wrong.

Maybe I can find a new doctor (in November or December) who will give me some kind of anti anxiety pills so I don't stress over the bad things that will happen. Oh wait, then I won't want to take care of it...

Obviously this woman never heard of using the carrot before the stick.


CardiLover said...

You know this already, but you need to fire that byatch! Of all the people who have conditions that have unique needs, people with diabetes need the best, most specialized doctors. The disease is so desperately misunderstood, especially Type 1. Good luck with the endorcrinologist!!!!

C-Myste said...


"You're FIRED!"

She needs to know that she works for YOU. Or she doesn't.


Digits said...

I'd find a new Dr., Definitely.

dreameyce said...

Yea, she needs a letter, and you need a Doctor with 1/2 a brain.

How cruddy!

Though, I would really love to know how she became 'god', and knows when/if your health will decline. If she's that good, maybe we should all make the drive to see her, so we can all plan our lives accordingly!

Tavs said...

I'm glad you are blogging again! Ok, you need to call your insurance and complain about this woman. She is obviously trying to generate more revenue for herself by insisting on all these appointments (a pap is a condition for working with you on your diabetes? I DO NOT THINK SO). Your insurance will be interested to know that she is in the business of finding things to charge them for, and they will find you a new doctor. Might also mention that she is a rude biotch. And your mom is right- she works for you. I hate doctors, also.