Monday, June 11

First Day

Ok I still like it - going to be in training for about 4 MONTHS which is amazing - no wonder they have such a reputation. For an interesting sidebar one of the lead trainers (we have a 5 trainer team for the 13 trainees) has a PHD in Speech Pathology...or something like that...that thing that Traci went to school for. And now in his old age he works for a major insurance company...though he worked in his field in California until Reagan got done with the education system.

Ok that said I'll probably post more tomorrow - I'm exhausted even though all we did was meet a million people, go over employment benes and junk and tour the place.


Traci said...

Yay for your first day! :)

CardiLover said...

Good luck remembering all the names! :) And I went to high school during the Reagan about screwing things over!

starrynights said...

I always hated the first month of a new job when you feel like you have no idea what the hell you are doing.

Good luck and again, congrats!!!

Léo said...

Congratulations Mandy.