Wednesday, August 30

Horseshoes and Hand Grenades....

This week I just couldn't go.

It's not that I have anything against H's boss and his dad and all his friends from church.

It's more that I have no interest in hanging out with the wives and talking food and church (not my thing!) while the men make dirty jokes and drink beer. Much rather do that myself BUT wommenfolk aren't supposed to do that.

So I cheerfully waved my SO off to go play horseshoes at the weekly get-together. Did I mention we are having pouring rain and I bet we get lightening later?

Maybe I'm just SMARTER than the men! Besides he can get fed well there and I can eat sliced cheese and hot dogs for dinner.

Finally starting to get over sinus infection thing. Been a rotten week. Trying to decide what to do for the weekend as I doubt we can find camping at this point (haha!) and I just was told I don't have to work for Sears calls on Monday (which often happens on Delta Dental holidays).

Off to see wizard. Or watch House MD, my favorite non-reality show!


Traci said...

I think you got the better end of the deal Mandy :)
Glad to hear you're on the upside of the sicky thing :(

StubbyDog said...

We womenfolk will just tell dirty jokes and drink beer among ourselves. Let's just say that I don't really fit in with Dave's parents and their church friends either.